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Alive at 5

Join host David Leonard weekday afternoons at 5 PM for Alive At Five.

Along with a look at a local, regional and national news and sports, David brings you a unique blend of guests with topics that cover everything from the paranormal to the political. Some of David’s recent guests have included Crypto-zoologist Linda Godfrey author of: American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America,
Doug Eberhard author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely and Tom Graves author of: Crossroads: The Life and Afterlife of Blues Legend Robert Johnson.

Upcoming Guests:

October 21st   Yankton County Commission Candidate Bruce Jensen

October 22nd   Yankton County Commission Candidate Cheri Loest and  

                          District 18 Senate Candidate Matt Stone  

October 23rd    Yankton County Commission Candidate Garry Moore  

October 24th     Yankton County Commission Candidate Todd Woods & 

                           District 18 House candidate Terry Winter                                        

October 28th     District 18 House candidate Mike Stevens

October 29th     District 18 House candidate  Jay Williams

October 30th     Yankton Bucks football playoff game 

October 31st      District 18 House candidate Jean Hunhoff


All scheduled appearances subject to change.