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KYNT Morning Coffee

Listen weekday mornings for your opportunity to get to know your Yankton area friends, neighbors, and civic leaders as they spend a few minutes each morning discussing community events and issues important to you.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the conversation on KYNT!

Mon 7-4   7:40 am Yankton City Manager
           8:20 am  Yankton School Superintendent

Tue 7-5   7:40 am  Yankton Library
                8:20 am  Yankton County Commission

Wed 7-6    7:40 am National Park Service

                  8:20 am  Hy-Vee Foods

                  8:45 am  Kayak Events

Thu 7-7     7:40 am  Yankton Conv/Vis

  8:20 am  Yankton Chamber

Fri 7-8       7:40 am SD Magazine

  8:20 am Riverboat Days Parade




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